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Thanks to the supports from stationery industry, ISOT 2019 marks its 30th anniversary!
Here are commeents from the top buyers.

*In random order.

Corporate Officer, Mr. Hiroyuki Miyasaka

Congratulations! ISOT is the best place for our buyers as they can actually touch and try the products, imagining how our customers will use them. I hope that ISOT further develops in order to promote Japanese product strengths, technological strengths and design.

Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer, Mr. Shoichi Yamamoto

Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary. I am very impressed that ISOT has been nurtured and supported by the entire Stationery Industry for so many years. It is my hope that ISOT is held permanently for the growth and development of the Stationery Industry.

Senior Managing Director, Mr. Kentaro Mastunobu

Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary. ISOT is our most important place to find new business partners and manufacturers. Also, ISOT indispensable for gathering information on the latest industry trends. I expect ISOT becomes further attractive in the future.

Stationery Div. Manager, Mr. Takeshi Tsuchihashi

I am very happy for ISOT's 30th Anniversary. My team and I appreciate that ISOT offers the opportunity where we can consider how to expand our product line and decide purchasing. I wish ISOT's continuous success and further development.

President & CEO, Mr. Koichi Izumida

Congratulations! ISOT gathers the latest designs and products, and every year, I am looking forward to see the winners of the Stationery of the Year Award. I wish ISOT's continuous success, and that in continues transmitting the latest trends in the Stationery Industry.

StylingLife Holdings Inc. PLAZASTYLE COMPANY
Company Executive President, Mr. Masayoshi Numajiri

Congratulations on your 30-year Anniversary. Every year, many of our staffs attend the exhibition; especially from product planning and purchasing. I expect ISOT to expand further more, as ISOT is becoming increasingly important for our business.

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